$OAS Good morning Bulls. Stock market is all about handling pressure, emotions, anxiety. I am a positive bull here. I will keep digging (will hold and wait) till i reach my target. I am not losing hope and leaving from OAS. It's my personal feeling or opinion. Again i am requesting you all be strong with any of your own decision. Listen to your heart and take decision. Dont follow someone who says buy it or sell it on any stock trading. Whether it is a win or lose our mind should be strong always with decision making. For me life is all about risk and reward. I cant expect easy money in any profession. I will wait here to reach my goal. If something went wrong it is okay for me as i have other stocks to cover some loss. I personally feel that a possible spike before the spetember 30 or before the election. Sending lot os positive vibes to all bag holders. Be strong together as OAS family.
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