$AMP.X (2/2) But we all know what’s really going on behind the scenes. Big interest firms (Top banks , Visa & MC) know crypto threatens their existence. So they are asking govt to step in not to “protect consumers”. . Hey Sec - where were you on all the direct SPAQ listings over the last 3 years?? How many hundreds of companies filed for direct listing and bypassed regulation only to sell shit stock to investors? Where were you to protect the investment public then? So many ppl got burned but now they care about crypto , sure. Bottom line , You can’t believe these pos’ to protect you , they only care to protect special interest. I’m in support of any framework that can protect consumers but not to stifle technology and innovation during discovery mode. I’m in support of any all crypto that democratizes finance for all, but we need to first get rid of the legacy banking cartel - it’s about time.