$VFF My speculation on more news was correct! PSF selling to Alberta allows it to sell to 64% of Canada. Our 16% market share will similarly translate to the other provinces because its a matter of quality and price. We might end up with more retail sales then I thought. On another note, EMH was required to pay by Nov 4. PSF sent them notice on Nov 20th that they defaulted and then EMHsaid they want to use their shareholder loan to pay. AFTER THE FACT. Now they just stated they did make payment via this shareholder loan. I'm sorry but that's not how it works. That was a negotiated loan to PSF, seperate from the JV agreement. You can't use one to pay the other whenever it conveniences you. You negotiate before the fact, not after. They're losing ownership whether they like it or not. Heres to another surpassed milestone for VFF.
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