$HTBX.....I have worked out my strategy. It seems it wasn't a bad idea to have two $HTBX brokerage account. I have my RH account with 24,185 shares at $1.36 average. My Fidelity account with 36,192 shares at $2.66 average. Currently my loss in Fidelity account is -$10,878 and my profit in RH account is $22,284. If the price keeps dropping, i will sell all my shares when the stock price drops so low to make my loss in Fidelity account almost equal to my gain in RH account (say $4k difference as margin). This $4k difference is fair compensation for my effort. This will be my reset point and i will buy back in at a much lower price, where the volatility is a bit more tolerable.
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@bdroid You mean 13% loss at the current price of the fidelity account? Or you were implying to wait till i have a 30% loss on the fidelity account before i sell off and re-enter at a better position? And just so you know, I know that having two different accounts does not provide any advantage as regards to my average, so you were kind of preaching to the choir. Average is not dependent on that. The advantage this provides me is that i can independently adjust the risk factor of the two accounts. This is the extra knob having two different accounts provides. Especially when i have a higher cost per share in the Fidelity account compared to the RH account. Which is kind of what you alluded to in your last sentence.