$ADMP SHAREHOLDER ACTIVIST CALL 12% institutional interest. 88% held by retail. Seems it's an ATM machine for over-paid CEO who's suffering from Founders Syndrome. This is a PUBLIC company not a private company to pay CEO inflated salary despite many screwups. I believe ADMP should 4 be if it wasn't for this CEO. Any long-term holders here? Can we put together an activist group and oust the CEO? We've done it before with another San Diego company :-) Another case of FS in his 70's who was too attached to his "baby" and ruined shareholder value instead of handing over the leadership to better management. I'll write letter demanding the CEO either resigns or is fired. He could stay as advisor but ADMP needs new blood at the top. The science/ tech are awesome but CEO needs to go. Share your opinions here or via email: reza {at} rezamusic {dot} com . Especially need to hear from long term holders. We can bring change, together.
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