@UptrendCapitalLLC Let's review AAPL's pricing on September 16, 1985 and September 16, 1997 — the day Jobs left and the day Jobs came back. 9/16/1985 had a split-adjusted closing price of $0.2773, or under 28¢ using today's price as a unit of measure. 9/16/1987's share price was $0.7836, or just over 78¢. Five-and-a-half weeks prior to Jobs's return is when MSFT loaned AAPL $150 MM in bridge money to help it avoid bankruptcy. (Microsoft had its own troubles with the DOJ over monopoly charges and was far better served keeping Apple in the mix. Also, Microsoft profited nicely from the move later on.) The loan happened on August 6, 1997. The split-adjusted close on that date was $0.9396, or nearly 94¢. As for NFLX, you don't see me trading it. But at least it *has* a PE, unlike $TSLA.
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