@UptrendCapitalLLC Yes. He won't stop building plants as long as he is able. Now comes Brandenburg, Germany, if he can pull that one off. (I'm skeptical.) It would be much more heartening to watch if Musk weren't such an inveterate liar, and if he didn't have to coerce $TSLA’s CFO to sign off on litanies of little lies to keep the fervor running. (Mismarking as much warranty work as he can as "goodwill" to pad the reported profit margin by understating warranty reserves is just one tiny trick in a horn-a-plenty full of such prestidigitations. Denying warranty claims altogether is another.) GF2¹ exists with the direct billion-dollar sacrifice of New York taxpayers and the sweat-labor of Panasonic and reeks of boondoggle overstatement and SolarCity failure. GF1 — where's the vaunted solar roof?! — vying to be the largest single structure in the world — is incomplete six years later. Panasonic shares the expense for both plants. [Cont'd below]
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