@UptrendCapitalLLC I'm not done. I'm just getting started. After Musk finishes building all those plants, there ever comes such a time, he'll still have to build and staff more repair centers — before the cry from the rising swell of disappointed owners left stranded and bereft rises to a cacophonous roar to drown out the pious. Apostles can become apostates. Musk's Achilles heel, or one of them, is that he's trying to be, at once, manufacturer, dealer, service shop, parts supplier, leasing company, insurance underwriter (what's up with that?), and more while he keeps up with capex (he's not keeping up) and freshens the fast-staling offerings. (X and S are on the way out. 3 already needs a revamp.) Meanwhile, he's got the NHTSA, OSHA, Teamsters, and a few other NGOs and GOs 'round his throat like a self-animating boa neck-throw. All this while running a couple of other companies, to boot (and being a father to 6, going on 7, kids). [Cont'd immediately below]
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