hello everyone I only recently came across Stockwits, and I'm still a beginner. Watch different stocks every day and also made a lot of mistakes which of course cost me money. today I'm still a beginner but with a bit more clue and have learned not to hunt shares! In the past, I was holding my own pocket and crying from such shares because the share crashed soooo .. so I ask myself who will buy the share ??? It's extremely overbought and later or sooner it will fall. have seen many better shares than this one that went so high and where are today .... down .... folks that is no amazon no tesla or zoom share. So I had to start lol .... warping my spelling live in Germany and English is not my mother tongue love greetings to everything
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@Mrowka Guten Abend! Danke fürs Folgen. Traders with decades of experience also are not immune to losing money. In fact, the most important thing you will want to master (no easy task) is risk management. An old byword (Spruch) is, "the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent." Viel Spaß und gutes Gelingen!
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@Mrowka I saw your post to me in German. It seems that you deleted it? Well, no problem, I saw it and I was about to answer when it disappeared. Dobry wieczór!
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