@JhembrookTheCaptain Every time you buy, there is someone on the other side who thinks the stock has moved up too far, too fast. Who's right and who's wrong? Insulting your counters has nothing to do with it. It's childish. (And, hey, it's also against the Stocktwits House Rules.) Why should someone want to buy a stock long that his calculation tells him is overpriced? Why should his business decision to sell it looking for a lower buy-in make him a "scavenger"? You are dehumanizing anyone who took the other side to your bet. There's no reason and no need for that. Or are you always, always, always right? I don't think so. There's no moral superiority to buying long or selling short. Each is a business decision. You expect the stock to go up. I expect it to go down. (I don't expect it to go straight down without upward blips, though.) Actually, it's not a zero-sum game; both sides or neither side can win.
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