@CornFighter3D @horntusk If your goal on Stocktwits is to troll people until they either block you or mud-wrestle you back in response to to your junior-high locker-room antics that humor some unevolved need of yours, then you're doing it wrong. I don't actually block anybody and I never have, since September 2009 on Stocktwits. Ditto on Twitter, for the same period plus a few weeks more. So it doesn't exactly add up that I must be some hurt-butt snowflake. Yes, the block and mute features are there. They can be good tools if they help people avoid stress or barroom brawls. I'd recommend them for that. The house rules (have you ever read them?) suggest them too. For those of us in control of the more Neanderthal urges from our lower brainpans, however, they may not be as necessary. My suggestion is to engage intelligent people here for their hard-won insight into stocks and markets and to grow out of an apparent need to toss lit M-80s into boys' room johns looking for butts to hurt.