@bearcharts i told you,CNN is the fakest news outlet out there and reposting it makes you post malicious.
@vgb78 You're hopeless. You obviously didn't look at the logical-fallacy stuff I was foolish enough to waste my time hunting up to show you. You aren't interested in finding out what's defective about your thought processes. Your ideas of media fairness and accuracy are laughable. But that's irrelevant: as I told you in my first response, CNN's accuracy or its flaws have nothing to do with whether this report is true. CNN says it's 53.6 degrees in Manhattan right now. Is that a lie because CNN reported it? Is it malicious to repeat that information because CNN said it? Here's Fox News quoting Musk himself, who admitted the software has issues. Is this malicious to post? foxnews.com/auto/elon-musk-... You continue to engage in two blatant logical fallacies. Ad Hominem: attacking an opponent’s character, or his motives for believing something, instead of disproving his opponent’s argument. Genetic Fallacy: condemning an argument because of where it began, how it began, or who began it.