$AIM 1. Nov 2nd - Shionogi says they picked the adjuvant but dont want to disclose which to the public 2. Nov 2nd - Myself and several others email Tom and IR quoting Shionogis statement, telling them material and they need to disclose. AIM was VERY aware of Shionogi statement 3. Nov 10th - Tom gets a new employ agree 4. Nov 14th - AIM 10Q states still working with Shionogi 5. Nov 17th - Shionogi says NO 6. Nov 19th - MTA TERMINATED 7. Nov 20th - AIM announces all bets off Bears shut your traps I already said I got it wrong. Just something in all these events doesnt sniff right. Unless as per the Nov 2nd Shio report they mention waiting for monkey studies. Thats where they would have picked up this issue w the vaccine. Dont know but something seems off. Yes Bears I know the stock is off I am off. We got it already.
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