$AIM congressional hearings today. Lets see how much naked shorting and all the illegal tactics used by market makers gets discussed. While I expect it wont happen because our politicians are weak talking heads. I would love to see Kenny G and Citadel squirm under real pressure. better yet the govt go after them as a monopoly forcing its breakup. Will the govt finally do something about naked short selling? How will the SEC and FINRA explain how there can legally be more shares short than actually outstanding in any company? Isnt that illegal according to REG SHO? Head scratcher. Doubt the illegal practice of Spoofing by the market makers or as more here call it building fake floors or walls, will get discussed. Its time to clean street. Why is it the one time I am counting on the dems to get something right I expect to be totally let down? Finally got power and heat back, hopefully for good. Beyond blessed.