$TSLA right now there is instance discussion everywhere about section 230 and Big Tech. Some experts even think that changes to 230 will cause the downfall of Twitter, Facebook and the whole social media as we know that. In fact all current problems r in the field of moderation. They ban someone, delete something, but leave many evil users and content online. They don't have resources 2 check and evaluate everything, besides that rules and decision making are vague many people think they r misused But most normal, educated people, can quite easily distinguish "gate speech" from just "polarizing speech". Clever adult can easily distinguish sarcastic speech and humor from real offence. But how could such person read ALL postings in social media??? Yep, AI can. Next level social media app of the future will be moderated by AI under strict rules, which will be open source and understandable to the whole community. So, yeah, Elon can be the next, better Zuckerberg and Dorsey. $FB $TWTR
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