$ALPP Hello bears you are now shorting a company that stated it will most likely be cash positive by Q2! BTW this will cause a huge impact on a penny like ALPP and cause the price to increase exponentially. Why you may ask? Number 1: It means that the company is no longer losing money! It means it can only grow from here! It means the company is starting to snowball! Number 2: its acquisitions are going to occur at a much quicker rate. The company no longer has to exasperatedly rely on shareholders and banks for revenue. It will utilize its revenue for dividends and more importantly acquisitions! Number 3: This will easily be way over a 10 dollar company if you add the the share holders beliefs into the companies price. Which will create even more revenue for new acquisitions. Most growth companies that are below 20 dollars have this included in their stock prices. This will easily boom. Why yes it can be the next Baby Berkshire Hathaway. Its a shareholder penny paradise!