$SLI i encourage any and all investors in this company to contact the securities and exchange commission and let your feelings be heard in regards to the Blue orca groups unsavory and most likely illegal practices. sec.gov/page/sec-regional-o.... Here is who you are dealing with. Established in 2018, Blue Orca Capital (Blue Orca) is a Texas-based activist hedge fund manager founded by Soren Aandahl, a former director of Glaucus Research Group and CIO of Glaucus Investments. ... The firm performs investigative research on public companies in the Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America. Soren Aandahl is the Director of Research for Glaucus Research Group, the California based activist short seller. Mr. ... Founded in 2011, Glaucus Research is a premier short activist investor with a proven track record of successful investments in the U.S., Hong Kong and S.E. Asia. Fuck orca and fuck Aandahl. One thing to be shorted fairly, but another to screw people with absolute fuckery.