$INPX So ive looked this company up and down and I feel as though the assets it continues to buy, is preparing for a large contract. Inpixon's last two aquisitions include patented technology for Wide-Band (5G). My thought, I dont know when the large contract will come, but their technology will help and encourage holiday shopping. There will be a company that takes advantage of this technology to give consumers peace of mind, and give centimeter level accuracy on products on their shelves. The Pentagon and Mall of America have already adopted some of INPX technology, and with Nanotech they can now monitor outside activity too. I don't know when the large announcement will come, but a few times might stand out. OCT 31 is the end of Q3 for earnings, November starts holiday season, as Nanotech and other technology gets implemented(Ali, and others are in Germany now) I think Jan 1 would be the next logical date. Other companies have sold their shares, people at INPX haven't sold in years.
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