I would say: Oct 24th, Oct 31st, Nov 1st, Dec 31st, and Jan 1st are all interesting dates. If none of those truly give us a contract or a bump up, its hard to say when it will bump. It is said in April everything will be getting back to normal, which will be a perfect time to display this technology as 5G is going to be coming in big. It's patented technology, no one else can do it. They have been posting job offers for more positions. They seem to be expanding. The shareholders meeting seem to put things more concrete. I said before to someone, a big company wont buy a smaller company without a solid foundation. With the infomation in the sharehodlers meeting documents it looks like they are solidifying positions, and tying up loose ends to be more concrete. I thought by now it would boost upwards for sure, but these things take time unfortunately. It will bump up, but how long can you wait? It will bump up look how steady above $1 it stays. How long can you wait?