$AVXL Besides wanting a stock to go up, back in 2016 my Mother's friend had parkinson's disease and Anavex was barely starting trials with this drug. She did not have dementia but the shaking is a real problem!! I asked my mother to have her call Anavex to try to be able to take this drug. Well, they weren't up on my idea. They said that many drugs have been tried and it's likely to only be a placebo anyway so she never called Anavex. Unfortunately she had passed away later on without ever knowing if this drug could have helped!! Does it stop or reduce shaking! I really want to know. .I had an uncle that had Parkinson's and my grandmother had dementia. What bothers me is this drug is safe. Let people use it!! Seems like the FDA wall is so high people pass away before ever getting a chance to try to get help!
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