$TWTR Disgusted by all the politics. This is stocktwits. Keep that shit elsewhere, you should be focused on making money here. Lots of you not even understanding what drives stock prices. Twitter stock tanked because with Trump gone there's going to be less engagement. Many conservatives got into twitter just because of Trump. Has very little to do with actual censorship. Question then becomes whether Trump is worth the drop. 6% translates to ~$5b in market cap. At a 11 P/S ratio, napkin math tells me somewhere around $100m in revenue being discounted off the price. Seems like a fair drop, too fair maybe. I would be surprised if Twitter's analysts hadn't modeled this out already but I can imagine Trump brings in more than $100m in rev. Next two earnings is gonna decide twitters fate imo. Shit's untradeable until then from where I'm sitting unless you're already in something.
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