$MNKD Hmmm! One big trend today is almost all of M.C's supporters are now turning negative. That call sounded like a CEO with no enthusiasm or preparation. Between echo's in the background and miscommunication at the end of the call, it certainly is making me think there is nothing on the horizon to bail out this 12yr long time investor. They always seem to struggle on there calls. Pathetic delivery by a CEO that does not delivery anything but missed timelines, and broken promises. I agree with all of the long timers here that have turned negative. These so called executives are just collecting a paycheck. I am sure Al Mann would be very disappointed with these pitiful results of a world class drug not getting the proper marketing and sales exposure it deserves. I say these cronies need to give back there unearned bonuses. They are raping the shareholders. I personally am thoroughly disgusted with the lack of transparency, an the lack of performance of both M.C and the overpaid BOD
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