$AABB FKN PUMPED! while back we stayed around .13 (.02+/-) before the exchange and before the mines were finalized! we didn’t have much and we was trading off the same vision as AABB Now we have live exchange, 14 pairs, mines producing, coins selling. the more pairs the more appealing we look to users This is still a start up company in my opinion! I think if anyone has an average of .20 or below your good in my opinion! AABB just got their ducks, now lining them up! Even if 100+ pairs release it will only have a positive impact! If AABB decides to do anything from here on out it should only help us! AABB is a stock and ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS WAIT “quarterly reports” Biggest price impact in my opinion 1. more pairs = 2.more users = 3. more fees 4. mobile version Hard to place (5.share reduction) cause I’m ok @ .50+ but this will be big for $5-$50 near future&we’ve seen .26 a few times w/current OS with no exch, mine, pairs. “Still talks about reduction tho” “Just my opinion”