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    Bill Gunderson Official Account Joined Oct 03, 2011

    President of Gunderson Capital Mgt. Host of nationally syndicated Best Stocks Now Radio Hour. Inventor of Best Stocks Now app. Frequent contributor to Fox, CNBC, Marketwatch & TheStreet.


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      Carol - seeking profit opportunities in both rising & falling markets, tho I prefer the bull side. Founder of a non-profit German Shepherd Rescue and VP of The Seminar Group. I trade using pocket pivots & O'Neil's CANSLIM methods.
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      WhisperNumber Official Account
      Started in 1998, is the leading provider of whisper numbers (earnings expectations). Our crowd-sourced methodology has proven itself over the past eighteen years as a more useful and valued earnings indicator.
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      Dividend Yield
      Not a millionaire but I live off dividends. Over the recent 10 years I quadrupled my net worth by dividend growth stock trading. Follow me and learn how I work.
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      Trade-Ideas Quant Official Account
      Trade Ideas is a StockTwits Preferred Content Provider. @TradeIdeasQuant is an AI Engine that looks at the most interesting market events in real-time and reports actionable alerts that investors should be watching. Visit us at
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      Richard Huntting
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      joe mama
      buy 52 highs sell 52 lows, buy/sell break of trendlines, set a stop/trailing stop SIMPLE. I dont care for your opinions so dont write me about anything. Thank you Jesse Livemore!
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      Sheila Cline
      Arlington, Texas
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      I'm a retired. I trade to fund my travel addiction. I'm making more money retired than I ever did working for the man.
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      Ron V
      Option trader by day, pharmacist by night. Follow the smart money.
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      Gennady Kupershteyn
      Gennady Kupershteyn has been in the financial services industry since 1997. Since 2000, he has been a professional trader and serves as a trading mentor and adviser.
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      Joshua Hayes Official Account
      Joshua "MauiTrader" Hayes is CEO, president and founder of Big Wave Trading Inc., a Maui, Hawaii-based stock market advisory service. Hayes has been/is a contributor to Telechart as Sir Aloha,,
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      Naufal Sanaullah
      I enjoy markets, mathematics, logic, and traveling.
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      j sciacca
      Just a buy to hold guy who sometimes holds on too damn long . It's all about the management.
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      Full time speculator primarily in Growth companies. Integrate Can-Slim Approach
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      Kevin Meister
      U. of Wisconsin-Madison Econonomics-Math Emphasis Major Entrepreneurship Minor Active Trading, Phi Gamma Delta, Skiing
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      Jean Paul Coutellier
      Independant active investor, trading US equities, focusing primarily on price and volume action. I am Belgian and currently live in Southern France.
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      Trading stocks with technical analysis. MTA member. Opinions are my own. This is where I keep track of my ideas.
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      Volodymyr Oliinyk
      trading strategist
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