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    Bill Joined Sep 30, 2013

    Intermediate,swing trading stocks, options and forex for income and the DAX for gambling!!


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      Top 10% Disciplined Trader
      Top 10% Stock Trader & Investor who alerts the hottest stocks daily with ENTRY & EXIT all before they take off via real time VOICE & TEXT. #1 Winning Chatroom with Top Traders & Mentor. Join Now and Start 🙌+💰 Link below 👇
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      Focus: Most profitable risk/reward scenarios, both long & short. MCSE, Fmr Nat'l IT Manager, 15+ years trading. Many claim to be great without making good calls. For my record, check my posts; which are not investment advice. Invest at your own risk
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      Documenting all trades with full transparency. Stocks & cryptos. Volume and price action swing trading around breakouts, strong earnings, and reversals. Using a repeatable system. Cheers to Hatching some Gains! 🐣
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      Killer Calls (See Below)
      Recent calls: RTNB 538% AUPH +490% RLOG 450% ATOS 273%, CIDM 220% NETE 266% EVOK 112% $CREG 548% RPRX 150% MTBC 189% LINU 168% INFI 250% email-->
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      Ask about tickers will help!
      ALLSTARTRADINGTEAM FOUNDER ,In an effort to give back to the trading community, Join us every Sunday at 8e/7c PM for a FREE live technical analysis/charting Q&A! We will break down any ticker you want,FOR A FREE TRAIL
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      David Zarling Official Account
      360 Investment Research uses holistic technical analysis to identify investment opportunities across the entire investment universe. Our purpose is to share knowledge and opportunities with others, placing emphasis on asymmetric risk/reward profiles.
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      Long term trader
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      ETF Daily News Official Account
      ETF Daily News gives you one source for the latest daily headlines helping you to make informed decisions about Exchange Traded Funds.
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      ETFdb Official Account
      The world's largest ETF-centric website caters to financial professionals, traders and sophisticated individuals.
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      Strategy based, high ATR equities and ETF trading using high probability-low risk setups. Price, technicals and swift executions make up the essence of my trading. Most of my trades are short. Contact for coaching or chatroom details.
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      2017 #OptionsTrading Goals: $SPY $FB $NVDA $AAPL $BAC 1⃣ $1,000 ➡ $1,000,000 #Again 2⃣ Create Min. 5⃣ New Millionaires #TheWorldIsYours
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      ❋ RAS ❋ ⫶⫶⫶⫶ 2016 = 77 Trades ; 30 Day Hold Avg ; 18% Avg on Alerts ; 13% Avg on Trades ⫶⫶⫶⫶ 2017-10-31 = 83 Trades ; 45 Day Hold Avg ; 23% Avg on Alerts ; 20% Avg on Trades ⫶⫶⫶⫶ 2018 Coming Your Way
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      Trading ETF's, Equities for over 22 years. Short term trader, mostly using 1 min- 5 min charts.Goal is 2%+ return per day. On average Scalping well over 5% daily. Love to create a short squeeze;)
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      Sean Dekmar
      Live Trading Stream, Five Chat Rooms, Live Alerts, 50 Hour Video Library, 800+ Members, and more! Sign up now!
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      Day and swing trader. The co-creator and co-owner of the Step 2 scanner that can be found in the Faisamtrader chatroom. The scanner has at 92% accuracy to deliver at 4% per trade.
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      Swing Trades with a twist 77% success rate Long Term Growth stocks at Free sign up
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      Doug Mckay
      Quantum Leap Futures is a private trade room that has been around since 2009. It is a group of retail traders operating within a S.O.L.E (self organized learning enviroment). We are traders helping traders with focus on trading well.
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      Option Bob
      Full time trader. Mostly leveraged ETFs, average holding period: 1-2 days. I post screenshots of all entries/exits. For real time notifications go to:
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      InvestorPlace Official Account
      The place for thoughtful stock market analysis. Read, follow, respond.