$DSGT $DSGT EPS price is at $3.69. The stock is currently at .88 cause we are waiting for news. Anyone who is currently bashing the stock needs too do more DD and OBSERVE the Solid evidence proven that this company is legit. 1.) $5.7 million in Pre-Orders 2.) On the date of the SPA, GHS purchased 1,500 shares of Series F Preferred in exchange for one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000). (1.5million grant) 3.) Vantage Tag Installation (sales already happening) 4.) Introduces Exclusive Availability of Skywell K-15 Box Truck to North American Market (Great News, bus sales already starting) 5.) William J. Rex as president of the EV bus and motor home division. (THIS IS MASSIVE) he took a paycut leaving his previous company BYD, currently trading at 30$+ too join Imperium. (His knowledge will make sales fly through the roof)
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