Again guys, I see the Q’s and I will answer them as soon as humanly possible. Just to tag onto my last post, this RS changes things a bit. Actually a lot. You ever see witness a stock trade for $1,000+ per share? Back in 2014 $SLS had a float of a little more than 10M and after announcing the commencement of phase 2 for GPS the SP skyrocketed to over 4,000 per share (this was before any of the “pumping” from the “dream team” as that occurred in 2017) Nov 15th they will announce the commencenent of PHASE 3 for GPS as well as the conclusion of PHASE 3 for NeuVax as a stand-alone and interim analysis (early results) for NeuVax + Herceptin, GPS + Keytruda, GPS + Opdivo and lastly GALE301 and GALE302 each going into phase 2. I will advise you grab the nearest pair of adult diapers for November 15th. And be excited. This isn’t a reverse split followed by nothing. Remember that.
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