Either these articles are actually written by bots or @InvestorPlace gets their analysts from Ethiopia. "Other vaccines make more sense than OCGN stock" What? What the actual fuck are you talking about? A vaccine that is already approved in other countries and has been administered to over 10M people is a worse choice than companies that aren't even in phase 3 yet? Or maybe it's a worse choice than Moderna which is currently trading up 3,000% YoY? Or maybe Novavax which is currently over 4,000% YoY and is currently behind $OCGN in terms of development? Or are you talking about Pfizer? Which peaked a little over 40.00 and has continued to drop following EUA approval back in January? I'd love to know where the fuck your analysts get their shitty opinions from. They're obviously not based on facts, logic or experience - so I'm gonna guess it's simple manipulation. Great way of utilizing your outlet. Fucking waste.