Last post tying my last two posts together in a concise way: When inducement grants are offered to employees, the last thing an employee wants to see is "Exercisable shares at $40.00/share over the next 3 years in equal installments" Not to say the stock won't be worth wayyyy more than that in 3 years but think about it: ~25k shares exercisable at $40.00/share you'd have to put up $1,000,000 of your own money just to exercise those shares and if they're trading at say 50.00/share at that time, you're only making $250k profit. Sure, it's still 250K but good luck putting up the first $1M Trust me. This is more important than you may think. $OCGN everything is a puzzle piece. You just have to keep looking around until you find where it fits best.