$NIO I am very happy with where NIO the company and NIO, the stock, are right now... Look where it was in February, look at what analysts now say, many upgrading the stock, higher pT's, great remarks on rising and consistent production numbers, BaaS, expansion to Europe coming...and much more... Then we have so many clowns on this site who call themselves "investors" and every time NIO drops they cry and threaten to sell.... Have you imbeciles looked at AAPL, MSFT and every other company on Nasdaq? Show me the stock that never has a red day. You bashers of foreign companies, look at this fraud Nikola with their truck that rolls downhill not causing emissions !! What about Blink Charging grossly overstating the number of their charging stations? American companies would never cheat, right ?? NIO is doing great, if we "only" reach $ 25 end of year, I am ecstatic, I can wait till we reach $ 200.
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