$ROKU My take on this is I've noticed that at the close everyday whenever there are several buys in large lots the after mkt price gets pushed up. Then next morning pre mkt price gets pushed up more, then at the opehttps://stocktwits.com/topic/optionsn price spikes higher the first 30 min. That's always accompanied by large volume of "at the money" or "near the money" call option selling at huge premiums. Then the rug gets pulled, price falls and the sellers buy the options back to close their positions the same day at enormose profits and some stay short till option expiration a few days later. Selling of call options is normal and selling short is too, but when huge volume within 2 days of expiration is at the money calls then "ironically" price falls just below the bulk of the short options, that is not coincedence its retail traders getting played by whales, algos, and large institutions
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