$BCRX While we wait this week for good news re Gali, bear in mind its in vitro effectiveness against the following virus families. Only 1 has an approved antiviral (flu), only a few have vaccines and of those, most have rapidly falling vaccination rates, eg measles, mumps. Most are pandemic-capable. Filovirus (marburg, Ebola), togavirus (G. Measles), bunyavirus (CCHF, hantavirus), arenavirus (LMCV), paramyxovirus (mumps, measles, RSV, parainfluenza), coronaviruses, flavivirus (West Nile, Dengue, tickborne encephalitis, Zika, Yellow Fever), orthomyxovirus (flu, bird flu, swine flu). No one except the NIAID and Biocryst are thinking about the importance of an oral drug with no side-effects and effectiveness against all these devastating diseases. Since there is no drug for them, no one has a clue what the market size would even be. Expect clinical trials announced every few weeks for a different one of these viruses... and because these are common viruses or outbreaks,
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