$BCRX Hope everyone's doing well. @KokoStocks asked me for a projection of Orladeyo patient numbers, so here are my projections for 2021. Enjoy the three graphs I've made for you. For what it's worth, my estimates are that Biocryst will have sales of $2 billion in 2021 just from Orladeyo (and 3-4 billion in 2022). That's right, a company only worth 1.36 billion right now will have sales from one drug higher than that in its first year of approval. Given that a price to sales measure in the biotech world is typically 7, Biocryst should be at least $77 by this time next year, without even factoring in the fact that Berotralstat will be hugely profitable and Factor D approval will be imminent for PNH with trials for other diseases underway, along with whatever happens to Galidesivir being completely discounted, and the probability that Berotralstat & Factor D will at some point be applied to COVID19 patients too. So if you don't believe that's possible, no need to even look at my graphs.
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