Please explain how 2 hedge funds worth close to 36 billion that made a very risky (bad) trades goes on to crash the entire market. Both will forced to cover and Melvin will be liquidated losibg ita renaining 8 billion. Citadel will be worth 10-15 billion after wards but will survive to go on naked short dozens of other small cap companies in to bankruptcy. Its just another 2 businesses beingculled for being on the wrong side of a trade.
$AMC So the plan is the same as GME? That turned out well! Do you really think the Shorties/Hedgies , Brokerage's, SEC, Congress are just going stand by and let that happen again, while the stock rockets to 100, 500, 1000, 2000 and bankrupt/crash the whole system? Great plan, well played!!
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