$AMC MUST READ. If Citadel is routing almost 70% of all buy orders to dark pools and delaying buying and reporting of accurate numbers... Then their goose is nearly cooked.
$AMC 🚨Citadel “connect” darkpool doesn’t have to report data to FINRA… what a coincidence that citadel is routing almost everything to dark pool. 67% went to dark pool Friday mixed with 57% shortingTo bring us down…. They are delaying our orders on their books for up to 30+ days! They are miss labeling short shares as long shares (which they have been in trouble in the past for) And they are packing FTDs into the IWM ETF And shorting the RUSSELL 2000 IWM ETF in order to also bring us down!! THE SHEER CORRUPTION IS MIND FCKING BLOWING!!!! AND BASHERS WILL NEVER EVER EVER PROVIDE ANY OF THIS DD when THEY SAY THE STOCK IS GOING DOWN BECAUSE THEY ARE PAID TO GET YOU TO SELL!! THIS IS A FCKING NUCLEAR BOMB READY TO EXPLODE! -not financial advice
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