$PHIL sorry about posting this market cap info again veteran phil investors, but seems we are getting a lot of new eyes to the board asking why they should invest in this stock, so just going to repost the market cap math Currently roughly 25 billion shares at a share price of $0.0027, gives a market cap of $67.5 million. Now if the company does what it says and possibly retires 20 billion shares, now you have 5 billion shares remaining at the same price of $0.0027 gives you a market cap of $13.5 million. Now is order to get to equilibrium based on the market caps. you would have to multiply that $13.5 million by a factor of 5, as a result the share price would also need to be multiplied by that same factor of 5 and you get a share price of $0.0135. This is the share price now after the buyback, based on today's market cap level, and not accounting for any future revenues or contracts that might show in the coming financials. GLTA