$PHIL to all the bashers, pumpers, and honest shareholders out there, the truth to phil's short term price will be in the numbers. 3 2021 q's to be released, and despite the fact that the asian diamond exchange (enacted on june 4 , 2021) wont be in it, we should still see some decent numbers. But the real and to be quite frank, only important numbers that matter will be the share buy back/retirement. If we get news from the cc or a press release that is clear in terms off the number of shares being rebought back, number of shares being retired, costs to acquire the shares, where is the money coming from to buy the shares, and the date that the retirement of shares will be enacted, this stock will soar in the short term, possibly 10's or pennies, maybe even a $1 on shareholder hype/enthusiasm If however henry does the opposite, and waits to retire the shares to a later date, the stock will plummet we shall see which way we go, but i believe henry will do the right thing and retire asap