$AGTC $ILMN $FIO ------->$VBHI youtube.com/watch?v=Y0vpvZM... imagine owning oil rich land and being paid revenue by oil tycoons to drill on your land rights? This is VBHI. Shale tech will only get more efficient. Imagine the millions of barrels of oil that have yet to be tapped which you can own rights to. ✅0 debt ✅pink current ✅$80000 current monthly revenue ✅$1M sale of 3 oil assets last week for 84% profit in 3 months ✅$200000 monthly revenue target ✅royalty business; low overhead costs ✅16 acquisitions YTD, more coming ✅new experienced CEO; grew ex company 2M Market cap to 120M market cap ✅hit .10 recently; currently near bottom ✅goal of "penny stock exempt" status ✅crude oil going back to $80+ ✅inflation play ✅10k filing due in July ✅uplisting to OTCQB in Q3....u