@StockTricksWithNick TUP , we agree on a potential breakout, the coiling, coming into earnings people want a seat at the table (like I you I give up my chair just before) and I was struck by the Money Flow Index (MFI) if you familiar not with this technical indicator it usually moves in the direction of price, today showed large divergence (oppositional movement) at close ,that can portend a rebound (and I sure hope so, sadly already in a positio at 23.15).
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@StockTricksWithNick , My TUP Chart with indicators. MFI is the bottom indicator, MFI shows money coming in to or out of an investment, normally it moves in concert with price. MFI below 20, stock over sold, above 80 stock over bought although developers say 10 and 90 limits (which are rare) are more reliable for those indications. TUP price down today yet look at MFI, pointing up, late divergence, its something to note, sometimes an advanced indicator for rebound. God I hope so.