$HMBL We all know what started HMBL's demise, it happened earlier this year with the "corporate actions",. It was a redistribution of wealth, first the float was reduced with a 4/1 R/S, then the big "slip daddy", creation of 524k preferred B shares with 1 to 10000 conversion essentially redistributing equity 88% to Foote, Family and Friends and 12 percent to the rest of us commons shareholders. It was greed pure and simple, BF's Marie Antoinette Moment, 'let them eat cake!' (at least 1 slice anyways). It doesn't matter if the shares have restrictions, the market know they exist, its an anvil hanging over HMBL head, astute investors knew right away and booked, HMBL was never the same after preferred Bs were disclosed, it just flatline with a slow descent for months (and the CEO didn't help matters remarking during a conference call addressing the Bs, hey we took a look around and this is what we decided to do, you don't like it , SELL.and that they did and how!
@KeithStoneSmooth Hey 'Tommy', note the sell date and loss.. 12.5K investment, over 9.6k loss.. sayonara (and it never felt so good to get rid of it too, no more drip, drip, drip red in my portfolio anymore.).