$NNDM Once the real powerhouse manufacturing companies get a wind of this new product, like Dell, Intel, GE, HP, NVDA, we will be bought out. If the CEO is a lazy guy, he'll take his $50M, give us all $150k each and say thank you all and good bye. My numbers are off, but in the end we retail shareholders will get screwed. Or.....this CEO, really knows how to create a billion$ company and create shareholder value. But I think he's way in over his head. It's sort of a drunk homeless guy, whose been a drunk homeless guy for 10 years, finds a bag of gold coins. It is with 100% surety, that bag of gold will be gone in 2 mo this or less, for whatever reason. I hope his ego is not so high that he sees he MUST partner up with one the of the big boys, exampled above. Just my opinion. Hoping this is a multi-billion $ company one day with a share price matching that. A great and safe weekend to all. Yes, I am bullish. Shorts.....you are nuts to short this stock!
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