$NNDM Over 106 million shares were traded on Friday people! That amount of exposure is incredible for a stock like this! We do need a PR update on any progress being made towards the formation of a partnership with another company. I am confident that they are working on it. They keep posting a significant number of highly technical job openings that needs to get filled. So that is great PR in of itself in an under the radar like way. They continue to have over $50 million in cash with zero debt. ARK continues their open market purchase of shares. There are so many positives here for a $7 or $8 a share stock, so I am very confident of parking my money here waiting for this to really explode to that price range. Those taking a short position in this stock will lose all their money. I beg you to put $100,000 short on this stock for the next 3 weeks! Do it! Go ahead, bet against ARK's CEO! I DARE YOU TO! I want your money!
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