uber --great company that loses what 1 billion a qtr...thats 3 months...you can have it
$UBER Just to give you a barometer of how completely stupid people are on this site. You couldn't scroll down 1 full screen w/o seeing it FULL of UBER shorts bearish on the stock yesterday and Wednesday. NOT 1 said, "stock has dropped 15% post earnings and post lock up expiry, RSI at 30, now a buy." They spew their stupid fucking thesis w/o a clue of where the stock is and the present and long value. They are worthless clueless POS's. Today the stock closes @ its highs and maintains itself in the green all trading day. Not a sign of these bearish UBER shorts. Some advice from being 20 years in the market. Do the opposite what the herd does here. These UBER bearish shorts are fucking RETARDS.
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