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    Harold Guenther Joined Aug 02, 2010


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      Doug Rumer
      Professional Trader for 17 years and Moderator of Live Trade Room
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      Trading With Ease
      My journey of turning $10K into $10 million, all trades tweeted live. Since October 8, 2017
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      Luke Murray, avid day trader and swing trader
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      WinningTrades4U Official Account. Founder and Operator of WT4U Online Investment Network. Find Us on Twitter: @WinningTrades4U, Instagram: @WT4U_Trades. Check out WT4U Online, 7-Days Absolutely Risk Free, Today!
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      Trader since 17 started with a 3 digit porfolio, now in the 7 digits, done the impossible, the sky is the limit for me. Always set your stops and lock in your gains early. Keep winning.
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      Rex Man
      I focus on short/mid term bullish stocks based on catalysts, volatility, price action, and technical analysis. Mostly long. The stock market is an elephant and we are all blind men trying to define it. Everybody is right, at some point.
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      Pat Scaturchio
      CEO/CoFounder- official account. We offer a 7 day trial! Our goal: Teach students and members how to trade Proper Setups becoming consistent at making profitable trades! We teach technical analysis with students in over 10 countries!
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      The Trading Desk Official Account
      Proprietary Trading Desk in NYC backing discretionary and quant traders. is our trader education company.
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      Speculation Trader
      Speculation trader, my system is to bet in HIGH RISK huge reward positions buy go against horde! WARNING: You might lose or win lots of cash. My twits should be taken as educational ideas not investment advice. If I make you cash add me as a friend.
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      kunal desai
      I teach people how to trade stocks. Email me if you have any questions or need help . Owner/Portfolio Manager at BULLS on WALL STREET .
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      Kristin Bentz
      Bespoke Research Focusing on Luxury & Hospitality.Ex-LEH. Sun Devil. Fordham MBA.@Benzinga's Top 10 Women in Finance to Follow on $TWTR. Head Blonde in Charge.
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      Shines Trading Room
      Live interactive broadcast, market insight, clarity, mentoring, coaching, education.
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      Sharon Yau
      I trade off of support, breakout patterns, catalysts, and momentum. I will either scalp, scale in intra-day, or will build a position for days anticipating a big move. Love volume. Love under $20 stocks.
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      Linda R
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      cameron fous
      8 years pro trader. $371k in profits since 2011. Day/Swing trader focus.
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      Stock Markets news, Stock analysis and top stock picks
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      Envestor First
      Est 2008 - International ENVESTOR Network #Fintech Connecting #FamilyOffices and #Energy #Investors to #Commodity SuperCycle Intel + Trade Flow - Launch Q1 2017
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      Kid Dynamite
      Former trader on both the sell side and buy side.
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      T3Live a trading education and market analysis company featuring a variety of education courses, newsletters, and a revolutionary Virtual Trading Floor.