$XELA wrote this mail to the IR , hope to get an answer soon : I'm writing to you as a big investor in Xela and I must say I'm very worried about things going on lately I came across this great news over the Internet healthcareitnews.com/news/e... and I would like to know how come Exela didn't publish this important information that it had won a cut of a 5 Billion Gbp contract from NHS ? Furthermore, all recent Pr's about new contracts with a big franchisor, big tech giant; healthcare etc. why don't you give any numbers about the projected revenues of those contracts for Exela ? The stock price has fallen about 50% in the last few weeks and it looks like nothing is done by you to stop this, while important good news is held back. Also, there was a global mistake about the eps being -0.27 instead of the real one being only -0.9 and there was nothing done by Exela to correct this mistake and to clearrefy it which could have help stop the stock price falling so hard.