$PBTS feel like a teacher in a school teaching children ;-) if you invest least try to set your data right there is over 50 million stock outstanding ... over 43 million stock floating mining is not in singapure ..but it is in hong kong and yes china can touch them but ok hong kong still have some independency left for now they seems safe there.. for now and they will mining 60x more Ethereum than btc you are looking at wrong chart ( eth chart you should look not BTC ) if you try to find a clue about stock movement ..but either way PBTS is not yet there .... ;-)
@bobozg Thanks teacher! you might look into the agreement Hong Kong has with China in general. It's pretty much a different country. They have "plans" to mine in Singapore and North America.
@ZmanTTown BUT THERE ARE IN HONG KONG.... i plan to live in penthouse with 3 beatiful Thai girls.. but i am still in my home ;-)