$SINT You forgot Nasdaq compliance is this week also
$SINT This post is for everyone asking about News PR since it's been repeatedly questioned by a few so here is my response via profile page.... I'm going to assume you are new to SINTX & frustrated as I saw where you have been researching but couldn't find any news indicating a PR. Well, that's part of the game. If I could predict exactly when & what PR on stocks then I would literally be a billionaire. However, with that said, True Long Bulls Followers & Friends know around the time frame of News PR and that's how I capitalize on my trades. Never a certainty, but I can almost guarantee a News PR sometime this week. If I had to guess or what exactly that I expect....News PR on the following: closed direct offerings, update/guidance on orders manufacturing Covid-19 masks, future guidance on health related concerns for new indications in fighting Covid-19 spread, NASA SpaceX guidance, possible collaboration partnership with big time players such as MMM (masks), possible govt...
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