$YTEN Is this article accurate about the float? $YTEN BlackRock’s filing as of December 31 states that they have 1508060 shares for 5.2% ownership. Post RS, it means that they have 37,702 shares. With total post-RS shares of 1718504 shares based on Jan 15 press release (also confident with Feb 6 Schuler filing), this only means 2.2% ownership for BlackRock. Why is there a disconnect in the percentage? Anybody knows?
$YTEN c'mon guys let's be serios. We only have 140k shares and the volume is 6.38M 😂😂😂. So you are selling 45 times (i am holding only 700) all your stocks in 1 day. I think i am the only one who hold shares all day long. *Let's join us and push this up for god sake, after that we help bears so they can win money too*
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