$PPBT I dug into the IZRL fund to determine as much information as possible. Unfortunately, the IZRL fund is an index fund, so it's not like Cathie and/or her team chose this investment. The index is managed by a company called Solactive. It's not clear what criteria they use in choosing companies. It's likely proprietary. The fund is rebalanced quarterly, and I'm speculating that the 6/4 data release enabled purple to be added to the index. solactive.com/?s=ARK%20Isra... The index is EQUAL-weighted. Pgs 56-57 etfs.ark-funds.com/hubfs/1_... After the quarterly re-balance, there are now 74 companies in the index. The fund has assets of $319 million. ark-funds.com/israel-etf If this index is truly equally weighted, the ppbt position would be roughly $4.2 million. In reality, the index isn't truly equally weighted. They're not going to buy $4 million of a $40 million market cap company and own 10% of the company. We'll know the exact size of the position by market open tomorrow.