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    Ross Brennan Joined Jan 06, 2012

    The market doesn't care who you are or what you think, hope, or want. Your opinion means nothing. Follow the charts.


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      Kavout is a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence-driven investment platform built for investors of all levels who want to invest efficiently and intelligently. Content shared on this page is not intended as investment or financial advice.
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      Lauren Paige
      Entrepreneur, investor, real estate & stock junkie :-)
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      Social Stocks
      Social Stocks Inc. is a leading provider of social media services for publicly traded companies. Members of this group are welcome to post their stock picks and other public company related materials and news. All spam will be deleted.
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      Embrace Antifragility
      Former hedge fund manager now market mentor.
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      IFC Markets
      IFC Markets is an International Financial company providing services in trading currency pairs, precious metals, Index CFDs, Stock CFDs, Commodity CFDs.
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      Thomas Power
      Scredible. Leadors. Linkedin Trainer. Dealmaker. NED. Professional Speaker. Married @pennypower. 3 children 2 dogs. +447875695012
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      Ryan Troup
      Circadian Group is an ultra-full-service boutique Investor Relations, Public Relations, and Capital Formation Firm. Disclaimer: